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In his grand return to fiction, Bass (Why I Came West) summons—with a lyrical style befitting his best nature writing—Arkansas and backwoods.

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The most famous scene in the movie shows her both defeating and seducing Crown in a game of chess. Today I write about the difficulty of detecting fraud at chess, and the role of statistical evidence. The New York Times this morning joins several chess media outlets covering the allegations against a Bulgarian player who was searched during a tournament in Croatia last month. It accompanies a cover letter to the Association of Chess Professionals, raising the issue of what do you do when there is no physical or observational evidence but the statistical evidence is strong, and who should have oversight of standards and procedures for statistical tests.

Dunaway also had a small role in the remake , in which Crown again escapes uncaught but with a different endgame. Crown is played by Pierce Brosnan of James Bond fame. There is a James Bond quality to current speculation about possible cheating methods, from embedded chips to special reflective glasses. They are among items considered at the end of this minute video by Bulgarian master Valeri Lilov, which was also covered by ChessBase.

But none of this speculation is accompanied by any hard evidence. The real action may be not with the kind of gadgeteers to interact with M or Q or even Miss Moneypenny , but rather the actuaries down below who track the numbers. Now there are calls for directors and judges and arbiters at chess tournaments and matches to take high-tech measures against possible cheating even while the games are going on.

One limitation of testing moves in the manner needed by my model is that the games must be analyzed to evaluate all reasonable move choices with equal thoroughness, which takes a fast processor core more time than the duration of the game itself when it was played. Still, the need for move-analysis tests is recognized by many. Indeed the very first comment posted in the story breaking on December 30 came from British master Leonard Barden, who has been chess columnist of The Guardian newspaper for 54 years —and the Financial Times for a mere 34 years.

Barden put the present issues plainly:. There are no examples known of devices successfully transmitting chess moves in competitive play via contact lenses, the skin, the brain or other such concepts … [T]he cheating mechanism in this case remains unexplained. Such a program check of the games may help to establish whether the player used computer assistance.

Thus all the tech-talk takes a back seat to simple numbers when it comes to getting results. The question remains, are they enough? It took me two days to run the main test with two top programs, Rybka 3 and Houdini 3, run several supporting analyses, and then run my statistical analyzer. Writing the report took another week, however, as I felt responsible also for articulating issues of how to evaluate this kind of evidence, and spelling out scientific particulars for due process. Here is a different example to the same effect.

Mark Crowther of London has provided an incredible service called The Week In Chess TWIC , which collects for free download several thousand games played in tournaments over the preceding week. The current week, TWIC , has games by over a thousand players—1, to be exact—typically 4—6 per player for a weekend tournament up to 9 for an all-week event such as the Zadar Open itself. If every out-of-the-ordinary performance is questioned, bad feelings could permanently mar the way professional players approach chess.

Hence my policy has been that such statistical results have meaning only when there is evidence against the player that is independent of performance or move-match tests with computers by others. With results citing million-to-one odds, however, the considerations are different—at least for chess. To find such a deviation by natural causes, one would need to dredge 20 years of TWIC—and the indefatigable Crowther has just started his 20th year.

A second factor is that my tests are not invariantly correlated to quality of performance. My co-author Guy Haworth—who gave me heroic multiple detailed feedbacks on my report helping it achieve clarity and fairness—alerted me to discussion of a similar mercurial performance by Scottish master Alan Tate, also in Croatia, in My tests have also rendered negative results; my letter notes that in two major international Open tournaments they were determinative for awarding a delayed prize.

My report describes two main tests, which are partially independent. Presumably their combined confidence would be higher, though I have not yet worked out how to do this numerically. Thus I claim specific value for my tests beyond being a metric of performance, which buttresses my point in asking the chess world, what shall we do about all this? In a series of fortunate events after breaking his leg playing soccer, Grandmaster Bartlomiej Macieja of Poland traveled with brace and cane into downtown Warsaw to meet me during MFCS , became co-author on a paper with me and Haworth, became husband and father, was hired as a coach by the University of Texas at Brownsville, and became General Secretary of the ACP —not all in that order.

Here are some excerpts:. I pose two questions, of which at least the first should be an immediate concern of ACP in conjunction with FIDE and national organizations. The second is a deeper issue that I believe needs consultation with experts in statistics and computer sciences, and with representatives of bodies in other fields that have established protocols for using evidentiary statistics in fraud detection and arbitration. The point of approaching ACP is to determine how the contexts and rules should be set for chess.

The goals, shared by Haworth and others I have discussed this with, include:. The data files behind my results are kept private; whether to open them is another hard question.

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Slashdot posted a note on this earlier today, and their comment thread has a wealth more of informative comparisons and reactions. When we enhance cognition with Adderall, do we sacrifice creativity? A preliminary study Cognition enhancers between treating and doping the mind Sports like baseball and cycling ignored the reality of doping strategies until these strategies became so prevalent that the moral integrity of the sport was destroyed.

Is academia similarly at-risk of progressive moral deterioration? This serious concern raises tough questions that have few or no easy answers. Motocross fahren mit dem Europameister

As baseball and cycling have learned at high cost, ignoring these issues is an optimal strategy in any given year, but not for any given generation. MLB were more than happy to look the other way at that time. If there was a pill you could take to make you a Pulitzer prize winning writer, would you take it? Should my surgeon enhance his cognition when operating on me? Is your surgeon in a competition with other surgeons to see who can operate on you with the best results? If so, then to keep the competition fair, either all of the competing surgeons should take performance-enhancing drugs prior to cutting you, or none should.

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But that latter scenario seems somehow less relevant to the competition of professional athletes and chess players. Your Surgeon should unequivocally take all measures to increase the likelihood of you surviving the operation, such measures defined as reasonable under tort law. However, this is chess, not angioplasty. Audience members are nearly allways offered a drug, and sometimes required to purchase it, at performances by comedians. A two-drink minimum is standard. Cllever of you to notice. It is illegal in the US to build a device that actively jams other radios by for example, putting out high power signals on the same frequencies.

But a room with metal lined walls that radio waves cannot get through a Faraday cage is absolutely legal. The Faraday Cage rules out electromagnetic transmission absolutely. Any important embassy has one. Otherwise we deny the possibility that an unheralded player might triumph through sheer determination and inspiration. That would kill the game far more than these supposed cheaters.

However, there is a frightening strain of thought that advocates automatically predicting crimes, preventive detention, etc. Think the gun control debate in the wake of Sandy Hook is over the top?

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As one of the premier outposts of thoughtful society, adopting a style of preventive detention in this game would carry significant moral weight. In the meanwhile, we need to make it clear to potential cheaters that the traditional rules of law enforcement still apply: And when we do catch you, there will be retroactive hell to pay.

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Lance would never have been anything without his doping. Yes, he is shamed today and has lost much of the glory, fame, and wealth he had at his peak, but I would argue that he is much better off than alternate reality Lance who never doped and still toils in obscurity today. He probably dropped out of cycling and peddles insurance in Plano. Historically there was similar argument over fingerprinting a hundred-plus years ago, and to judge by Wikipedia here , there are still many current hesitations and caveats.

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Yet liberal society slowly accepted it as standard procedure, and it does not provoke the level of personal-rights feelings that are associated to guns. Let us hypothesize that some sort of statistical test has been approved by FIDE and ACP, and is deployed routinely in all cases of doubt. Surely, a would-be cheater, knowing that the test exists, would merely try to be less ambitious.

Surely the cheater would use a randomizer to decide, before each game, whether to cheat or not. A low enough probability of cheating would produce results that would result in a slow, steady increase in ranking; such a rate of improvement could be tuned not to exceed historical precedents. Such canny cheaters would evade the net. But if I were doing this investigation, I would hire James Randi or someone he recommends, to analyze tournament environments looking for ways that an accomplice could aid a player.

The strip-search seems misguided to me: This comment closely follows the line of a phone conversation I had with Frederic Friedel of ChessBase way back in January —except that the person I mentioned as an example in that context was Persi Diaconis rather than James Randi. Friedel posted words I gave him on his public feedback line last year here. DE41 32 BIC: Teile dieser Seite funktionieren nur mit aktiviertem JavaScript.

Comment Dorit - Isn't that a sound-proof room? Comment It is more than a soundproof room. Sorry, I don't know the name for it, but a friend lectures and researches acoustics and has this special room with suspended floor, etc. Perhaps someone out there knows the correct terminology? Translation anechoic chamber Sources http: Aber leider hatte ich nie die Gelegenheit.

Sie alle haben uns eines gesagt: Er stellt darin verschiedene Menschen vor, die Gelegenheiten energisch beim Schopf gepackt haben - vorhandene oder selbstgeschaffene. Ob ihm das postum auch bei dir gelingt, liegt ganz bei dir!

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