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Formula Renault Brazil. Mexican Formula Renault Championship. Replaced by Formula Renault de America. Formula Renault de America.

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Replace the Mexican Formula Renault Championship. North American Formula Renault Formula TR Pro Series. Asian Formula Renault Challenge. Reward also the best Asian driver with the Asian Challenge Category. Championnat de Formule Renault Nationale. Championnat de France Formule Renault. Championnat de France Formule Renault Turbo.

Mika’s American Dream

Championnat de France FR Championnat de France FR 2. Formula Renault Sport UK. Formula Renault UK. Formula Renault Germany. Formula Renault Italia. FR de America.

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Formula Renault Belgium. Reguled by the Royal Automobile Club of Belgium. Formula Junior by Renault. In , it was replaced by Formula Monza 1. Formula Junior Spain. Used Dunlop tyres during — season, changed to Michelin for following its parent series. Will continue in without Renault support. Formula Renault Elf 1. The races are held during the TC since Pasquale Di Sabatino Davide Ruzzon.

Marino Spinozzi Domenico Capuano. Juan Antonio del Pino. Stefano Turchetto Adolfo Bottura. Thiemo Storz 1 Francisco Weiler.

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Mario Bertolotti Martin Scuncio. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Formula Renault. I felt tremendous anger and sympathy, as I think everyone did. I still do, in fact. I flew to Indianapolis less than two weeks later, and, as the pilot and flight crew prepared for landing, I remember feeling proud of everyone in our sport for having opted to go ahead with the race, despite calls from certain quarters that it should be abandoned for reasons of security.

From a racing perspective, had been a very frustrating year for me and all at McLaren-Mercedes. Having been beaten into second place in by our great rivals, Michael Schumacher and Ferrari, we had redoubled our efforts over the winter with the intention of coming back strongly.

It was not just a simple matter of improving what we had; there were new aerodynamic rules, the return of electronic driver aids from the Spanish Grand Prix onwards, and rivals running with a new tyre supplier — Michelin — for the engineers and strategists to consider. And, after just half a dozen laps of practice for the first grand prix of the year, in Melbourne, Michael broke the lap record, which had stood since I knew then that would be a brutal, challenging season for us. I began to feel imprisoned, suffocated even, by bad fortune.

Formula 1 Dream Circuit (Michael Schumacher Onboard)

In Melbourne there was a huge accident in which one of the marshals, Graham Beveridge, lost his life, then a suspension part broke on my car and I hit the tyre wall so hard that the breath exploded from my lungs. The next grand prix, in Sepang, was so wet that we drivers could barely see — and, worse, even as the conditions dried, Michael drove away from us at a rate of five seconds per lap.

I tried to put all of it behind me and start the season anew in Sao Paulo, only to stall on the grid on race day. In Spain I had Michael beaten, however. I took my time, followed the clever race strategy that our engineers had devised, pushed really hard before my final pit-stop, and came out ahead.

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He had no answer to that, a tactic he himself had perfected and executed to such devastating effect on so many occasions. Yet then, as I powered across the line to start my final lap, I felt a tremor go through the engine as it began to spew out smoke and sparks. I eventually finished ninth, bitterly disappointed. Later, Michael came to see me, to say he could take no joy in winning a race like that.

It was a kind gesture, but I was inconsolable. I stalled on the grid again in Austria, then lost the car to mechanical failure on the streets of Monaco. I was overtaken by a sense that the world championship was happening without me. Finally it all came together at Silverstone, that beautiful and flowing high-speed racetrack which, when you have a fast car working perfectly, almost sings to you. Michael had taken the pole but on the fifth lap I passed him, and, as the image of the red Ferrari diminished in my mirrors, I allowed myself to enjoy the feeling of driving my car, and to push to the back of my mind the disappointment of Spain and the nagging fear that something like that just might happen again.

But it did not — and, as I took the chequered flag still in a commanding lead, I felt relief and joy at winning in Great Britain, at Silverstone no less, the wonderful old airfield-based circuit on which the first ever world championship Formula 1 race had been run in Grant Kelly's son, Shannon, flunked eighth grade. A single male parent, Grant explains the importance of school and good grades, then asks Shannon what he wants to be when he grows up. The revelation is startling when Shannon says he wants to be a professional race car driver.

At age nineteen Shannon enters the tough USAC racing series, but the competition has money and experience. He also has the best mechanic, old Charlie Pepper. It is Charlie who sees the potential and untapped natural ability Shannon possesses. Charlie comes to their aid, helping Grant unload the race car for a cheaper car Charlie knows is still competitive.

Just as stubborn and hardheaded, Charlie refuses, quits working for TJ, and starts helping Shannon full time. Within a few races Shannon becomes more than just competitive as he mounts a challenge to the top racers.

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  5. As the season progresses Shannon becomes more competitive and begins to win in spectacular fashion. TJ is still leading in points and seems assured of the championship, but the Frenchman, Ian Poirier, still has an outside chance to win the series. TJ sustains injuries that will eliminate him from the last race. If Ian wins the last race he will take driver and team honors for the season.

    No one has beaten Ian at Road Atlanta. Only Shannon has the capability to beat Ian Poirier. During qualifying for the last race one of the Canadian drivers, Marcoux, sacrifices his car and puts Shannon's race car out of the race, destroying the race car. Marcoux is suspended but Shannon no longer has a racer to compete with.