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The Menlo Park, Calif. President Barack Obama reportedly warned Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about the threat posed by fake news on the social network during a private meeting last year shortly after the U. Facebook announced a strategy to tackle fake news in December , making it easier for users to report fake news when they see it, and harnessing fact checking.

Supporting Government Election Security Efforts. We provided training for members of Parliament and candidates on online security issues.

  • German court rules Facebook may prevent its users from using fake names;
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  • German court rules Facebook may prevent its users from using fake names | Technology | The Guardian.
  • We also set up a dedicated reporting channel for the BSI for issues related to security and authenticity in the context of the federal elections. On election night, we supported national and international media partners such as El Pais, Funke Mediengruppe, RTL Nieuws, T-Online and others who reported on the voting and provided context on the results via Facebook Live using facilities in our Berlin office.

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    Studies concluded that the level of false news was low. We learned a lot, and will continue to apply those lessons in other forthcoming elections.

    Chinese spy on Bundestag through social media info purchased from German politicians: report

    Protecting the integrity of our platforms during elections is a huge focus for us and something we are committed to — particularly in the face of hostile and co-ordinated interventions. Staying ahead of those who are trying to misuse our service is a constant effort led by our security and integrity teams.

    The Hamburg administrative court ruled Facebook did not have to implement the order for the time being since its European headquarters are in Ireland it should therefore only have to abide by Irish law. Forcing users to stick to their real names violated their privacy rights, the watchdog said. A spokesman for Facebook said it could not immediately provide comment.