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You can do 18 two handed swings HP regained , or 20 one handed swings HP regained in 25 seconds with the weapon with 40 Endurance. The weapon art takes 5 full seconds to cast. Maybe there's some ring or something that modifies the HP gain but I can't think of anything. The description for this item almost seems to be talking about the disciples of the Witch of Izalith Did they end up becoming the Monstrosities of Sin, then?

Just a heads up, apparently the elonora weapon art' s heal buff stacks with lifehunt scythe. When you invade another world and use the weapon art can everyone in that world hear it? I ask because I can't hear it when I'm invading, and the main draw of using this weapon is to taunt people with the Feast Bell after beating them Imagine activating it's WA then using splintering bolts on the repeating crossbow Someone's claiming on the Lothric War Banner entry that on-hit effects like Chaos Blade's self-damage and stuff activate continously while the weapon art's active.

If so, that could mean this weapon could become a very exploity one. Someone literally just 1 hit me with an r1 using eleonora. I dont think it was hacks, but I had health.


I was weaing come cathedral knight gloves and legs with black hand chest and a regular helmet, wtf. Ferdinand II and Eleonora, who were accompanied by relatives, were married in the chapel of the imperial palace.

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As a wedding gift from the groom, the bride received a jewel made of diamonds and pearls worth 30, ducats; in addition, 18, florins were presented to Eleonora by the Tyrolean subjects of her husband. Two days after the wedding the newlyweds and guests took part in a liturgy at the convent of the Servants of Mary, Religious Sisters of the Servite Third Order in honor of the foundress, sister Anna Juliana Gonzaga , Dowager Archduchess-Countess of Tyrol another Eleonora's aunt , who died a year before.

Two days later, Eleonora's relatives received gifts from the Emperor and left for Mantua, and the next day the Imperial couple went to Vienna. In spite of the great age difference between them, Eleonora and Ferdinand II had a happy marriage. They had no children, but Eleonora was able to develop a close relationship with all her stepchildren, particularly with the youngest one, Archduke Leopold Wilhelm , in whom she formed a taste for art and literature.

The confessors of the Emperor and Empress were Jesuits. Eleonora and her husband also shared a love for hunting and music; some time later, the Emperor amended the marriage contract in favor of his wife. Immediately upon her arrival in Vienna, Eleonora learned the German language. She hired servants of the previous Empress, sending most of her native servants back to Mantua. Ferdinand II gave his wife the Favorita palace, which had previously belonged to his late wife. Eleonora wasn't interested in politics, but she tried to be a good Empress for her subjects.

She often accompanied her husband to meetings with the imperial electors, and the heads of states of the empire. Sanctified on 9 September , the chapel became the second one used by the Imperial court. Behind the chapel, the Herzgruft was built, which later contained the hearts of members of the House of Habsburg. With the blessing of Pope Urban VIII , the Empress built in Vienna a monastery of Discalced Carmelites , and bequeathed 80, florins in her will to pray for the salvation of her soul after her death.

Together with her husband she founded another monastery of Discalced Carmelites in Vienna and was benefactress of the brotherhood which arranged for the burial of the homeless people. The Empress also supported the Discalced Carmelite in Graz. Despite her attention to her German subjects, Eleonora didn't deny her support to her fellow Italian compatriots who came to her court. She began the tradition of attending the opera and ballet performances during special celebrations in the Imperial family; the first one took place during Ferdinand II's birthday in , and to this end, the Hofburg large wooden hall was built.

A source of deep concern for Eleonora was the War of the Mantuan Succession — , which began after the deaths of her brothers Francesco IV , Ferdinando and Vincenzo II without surviving legitimate male heirs. Emperor Ferdinand II died on 15 February Widowed, Eleonora settled in Graz Castle, near her husband's mausoleum.

In the same year she moved to Vienna and settled in the monastery of the Discalced Carmelites Monastery which she had earlier founded. According to contemporaries, the Dowager Empress led a pious life. On 18 April the monetary amount which belonged to her as Dowager Empress was settled on her, although this amount was changed repeatedly.

The jewelry that she received from her husband during their marriage, including the one of diamond with pearls, given to her on their wedding day, was returned to the treasury of the house of Habsburg. As before, the Empress Dowager led an active correspondence with her Italian and Austrian relatives. In her will, which was drawn up in and last amended shortly before her death, the Dowager Empress appointed her niece and namesake Empress Eleonora as her main heiress. In addition, she left considerable amounts for memorial services and charity. The Empress's heart was placed in a vessel, which is placed next to the tomb of her husband in his mausoleum.

In , her remains were transferred to St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna.