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Date 22 July Source http: This only applies to original works of the Federal Government and not to the work of any individual U. This template also does not apply to postage stamp designs published by the United States Postal Service since The following page uses this file: The following other wikis use this file: Retrieved from " https: Views View Edit History. This page was last edited on 19 September , at Currently there is a strong realization that negative public opinion about the U.

Local newspapers in Middle Eastern countries that reinforce the Jihadist theme, portraying the U.

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More recently Congress and the Administration has sought ways to use these public diplomacy tactics to influence Arab populations to combat insurgents and terrorists. Most Muslims are moderate and do not agree with violence; the commission claims that it is possible, through the use of public diplomacy, to drive a wedge between those moderate Muslims and the violent terrorists or insurgents. For parents, insurgents in Afghanistan can only offer their children violence and death; the U. American values and ideals are something that the Muslim population can connect to, agree with, and feel secure with.

Explaining and making clear the U. In order for the local populations of countries like Afghanistan, the U. Without trust, public diplomacy is ineffective.

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In a article titled, "Whitewash as Public Service: It stands as a series of evasive maneuvers that infantilize the audience, transform candor into iniquity, and conceal realities that demand immediate inspection and confrontation. Because it is continuously engaged in scotching all attempts to distinguish better from worse leadership responses, the Commission can't discharge its duty to educate the audience about the habits of mind and temperament essential in those chosen to discharge command responsibility during crises.

Other sources have criticized the commission for not digging deep enough to get to the core of the issues. Cordesman of the Arleigh A. Again, one of the great problems in the commission report is that it looked at exactly one issue — counterterrorism — and none of the others.

9/11 report's classified '28 pages' about potential Saudi Arabia ties released

Many of these conclusions are probably very valuable. But this is a chapter report. There is no chapter that qualifies that this is only one of many problems in intelligence and intelligence reform.

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FAA counter-terrorism expert Bogdan Dzakovic believes that the security failures at airports that allowed the hijackers to board the planes were not due to the failures in the system that the report identified. We breached security up to 90 percent of the time. The FAA suppressed these warnings. Instead, we were ordered not to write up our reports and not to retest airports where we found particularly egregious vulnerabilities, to see if the problems had been fixed.

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Finally, the agency started providing advance notification of when we would be conducting our 'undercover' tests and what we would be 'checking. The main difference between then and now is that life is now more miserable for passengers. The report has been accused of not giving the whole story about the warnings the U. Commission members Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton stated that they had not been told about the meeting.

But the Boston Globe reported that "it turns out that the panel was, in fact, told about the meeting, according to the interview transcript and Democratic commission member Richard Ben-Veniste, who sat in on the interview with Tenet. The report garnered praise in some quarters for its literary qualities. Richard Posner , writing for The New York Times , praised it as "uncommonly lucid, even riveting" and called it "an improbable literary triumph".

Dramatizing many specific scenes in the report, it is a synthesis of multiple and in some cases partisan sources in addition to the report itself. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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