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In his grand return to fiction, Bass (Why I Came West) summons—with a lyrical style befitting his best nature writing—Arkansas and backwoods.

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Surreal SF A priesthood of mathematicians has kept the planet Cemar safe, but things have been safe for so long that some people think the priestesses themselves are the bigger danger. SF Horror A community of survivors waits in an abandoned stadium surrounded by a giant forest that slowly sucks their memories away, but they still remember the soldiers who are fighting for them. SF Hunting an ex-ruler who committed genocide, Beadith ends up stranded on an island with him and a strange psychoactive moss.

Post-Apocalypse Just before a chemstorm strikes, Salpe encounters two demons between her community and the bee hives. SF Two survivors on a space station try to figure out why Earth has stopped communicating. Near-Future SF Inside a reverse stasis bubble, a work crew can take six months to build a new interchange while no time passes outside. Post Apocalypse The four teens are the last people left in their town, and they hold a prom night every few days—while trying to ignore that crack in the sky.

Alternate Reality As Cole awaits sentencing, his mind visits parallel worlds with very different rules for crime and punishment. Surreal SF In which we learn that even in the very far future, long-distance relationships are hard to maintain.

Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue by Neil Clarke

Android SF Robot goes through rigorous training to fight assassins. Epic SF An alien intelligence, exiled to our solar system, passes the time by interacting with the Earth. SF The narrator suffers a near-fatal car accident, but new technology lets him be productive again. Near-Future SF Elspeth offers body mods from traditional tattoos all the way to high-tech things with active programming. A mystery girl with special requests turns her world upside down.

Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 40 (Clarkesworld Magazine, #40)

Post-Apocalypse The world is gradually being destroyed by what seems like an alien plague that attacks people and software alike. Caitlin lives in a seaside Scottish town, nursing her dying lover. Prasetyo Plastics by D. Hard SF In which the end of the world is brought to you by plastics. Bo Balder Goodreads Author Contributor. Sally Gwylan Goodreads Author Contributor. Pat Murphy Goodreads Author Contributor. Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue Clarkesworld Magazine, 3. Published May 1st by Wyrm Publishing. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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Clarkesworld Magazine – Issue 136

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. May 15, Lena rated it really liked it Shelves: The guts to go for it. But what happens when you know the unknowable? Overall, more artistic than exciting. As a pro-robot family in an anti-robot neighborhood they receive little sympathy and are used as protest lightening rods.

It reads like an interesting series prequel. All those square-jawed heroes of the old science fiction stories had it wrong. I did what I could, and I did some good in the world.

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It felt like an adventurous National Geographic docudrama ending in Solarpunk. I want to read a sequel on the boats of this sweet new world that cost us our own. But I was interested in what he had to say about himself and being personally Finnish and professionally English.

May 18, Gary rated it liked it. I was impressed with how the author kept me, as the reader, as disoriented as Senne, who is not a soldier and understands nothing about war or the army soldier is apparently not an acceptable profession for a woman on this planet. Estrangement is an important component of science fiction; we readers immerse ourselves in the strangeness of unfamiliar worlds, and often the stranger the better.

Gwylan adds another layer to this by making her characters as estranged from their own reality as we are, which is as potent a statement about the conditions of war one can find. The story does a wonderful job of settling the reader into life in the village where Zhou and Tang Lu grew up, populating it with a nice assortment of eccentric and interesting characters. An unevenly paced tale, though one featuring some imaginative prose. I enjoyed several stories Flynn has placed the story in an interesting future that includes the usual ice mining in the asteroid belt, cantankerous spacers and less common artifacts left around the solar system by mysterious "Visitors" from the distant past , and he uses that background well without a lot of tedious exposition.

The who-dun-it also plays out pretty nicely.

Clarkesworld Magazine Podcast: The Loneliest Ward by Hao Jingfang

Well done mix I enjoyed several stories Though I was thinking just the other day it might not be a bad idea to sell bundled back issues…. I will subscribe if the files received are DRM free. I look forward to receiving your assurance! All our books are DRM-free, yes. Ars Technica has this for theirs. I think this would work well for short stories. Clarkesworld does put out annual trade paperbacks collecting all the fiction from the year. I would like to get a 12 month run of Clarkesworld. However, I would like to do this the old fashion way.

Could you give me a mailing address to send payment for 12 issues? I would like to get the magazines themeselves, the ones you hold in your hand. Maybe I missed something. You can always download all your issues from our My Library page; you just have to sign up for an account to get access:. What is the reason for the big increase? Back then, each issue had two stories and some non-fiction. This move was necessary to ensure the future health and continued growth of the magazine. Hi, new subscriber here! Well, actually I just started the 7-day free trial on the Google Play App.

It also does injustice to the awesome art. I would much rather read this magazine on my PC.

Clarkesworld Magazine – Issue 40

Please see if you can help. I want to buy the Clarkesworld Magazine 12 month subscription. Will it include the current issue which I have already through my now cancelled subscription with Patreon , or will it start with the next one?