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In his grand return to fiction, Bass (Why I Came West) summons—with a lyrical style befitting his best nature writing—Arkansas and backwoods.

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Gulliver's Fugitives

So for that reason alone I gravitated towards reading it. There are some very memorable moments Sharee gives us. Overall, time well spent! Star Trek The Next Generation: World of Darkness - Old Ed. Gullivers fugitives star trek next Generation 11 by Sharee , Board Book.

Song of Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones Set: Martin Paperback, The Outsider a Novel by Stephen King 1. The Outsider by Stephen King , Hardcover The Fifth Season 1 by N.

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Normally an audio CD would be several hours long - this was just a few hrs The story was good though, just too short. One person found this helpful. Given the complexity and thought provoking nature of this particular novel it is hard to believe that this is not only the only Star Trek novel written by this author is it the only novel one can find written by Keith Sharee. I found this novel to be in very good keeping with Gene Roddenberry's principals and ethos of Star Trek as it tells a well told tale that is capable of the "suspension of disbelief" within the Star Trek universe as it is a real future possibility and reminds one of Hitler's attempts to do the same.

The Enterprise finds itself on the mission to find the USS Huxley, a starship that has been missing for over ten years, what they did not expect to find is a forgotten human colony named Rampart. Here is where the story takes an unexpected twist as this colony of humans has sought fit to ban fiction of any sort and it is considered to be the ultimate crime. As history proves proper, whenever there is a government that bans something harmless, or proves itself a dictatorship in any way, there is an underground movement and ultimately a civil war.

It is that civil war in which Captain Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise suddenly find themselves inextricably in the middle of and must find an acceptable way of extricating themselves and solving this planet's problems What follows is certainly one of the better early Star Trek The Next Generation numbered novels that is well worth the time to locate and read for you will certainly not be disappointed.

Gulliver's Fugitives (Star Trek : The Next Generation, book 11) by Keith Sharee

This book has the distinction of being the worst Sci-Fi related novel I have ever read. It combines mediocre writing with a staggering number of cliches, even for a Star Trek novel. It is also a prime example of the early attempts to justify Troi's existence as something other than eye candy, and like most falls into the trap of trying to "prove her mettle" as an adventure heroine.

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She's an empath, and a counselor. Think the psychologist Dr. The entire society of Rampart is unstable, and as presented could not possibly have existed for years. The level of technology given to the Rampartians is inconsistent, both internally and with their alleged backstory. The one-eyes are supposedly built with "post-Atomic" era technology, but have abilities that surpass those of the modern Federation, except for when they don't.

They are capable of deep-scanning an unconscious mind in order to mine O'Brian's transporter knowledge, but can only read surface thoughts when Sharee wants to impress us with Shibiko's "Zen archery" approach to security. Even then, they react to "visual input" to dodge a beam that travels at lightspeed, showing Mr. Sharee understands physics less well than he understands Zen.

It is established early on that the one-eyes communicate using radio frequencies, and all communication planetside uses these same frequencies.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Gulliver's Fugitives No. 11 by Keith Sharee (1991, Paperback)

Furthermore, they can jam with sufficient power, using only a small internal power source, that a Starship cannot overpower the jamming, even with a tight point-to-point beam. That would make the power source in a one-eye at least equal, actually somewhat superior, in output to the main anti-matter engines of the Enterprise. Furthermore, allthis adaptability and creativity is possessed by a computer constructed by a civilization that has banned imagination and creativity.

This, by itself, completely undercuts the supposed central message of the book - that creativity and imagination are a necessary part of human intelligence.

Instead of being stagnant, the Rampartians are sufficiently adaptable to seriously challenge the Enterprise when, by all rights, they should have been instantly overwhelmed. The behaviors of the crew as a whole are incredibly inconsistent with the Star Trek Universe background.

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As a lsot colony of Earth actually, of the federation, since the colony is only years old , the prime directive does not apply, and all the "we must be careful not to interfere" handwringing of the early chapters is so much foolishness. Of course, so is the ability of the one-eyes to get free in the first place. All they have to do is lock them in and set up a containment field, something that can be done in all transporter rooms. Even if you choose to believe that the one-eyes can instantly learn everything O'Brian knows about the ship, they still don't have the necessary tools to override.

In order for the crew not to have noticed when monitoring communications that there was no fictional or speculative programming, the entire communications section would have to be criminally incompetent - this is a key part of the pattern any alleged contact team would be trained to look at. I could go on, but I've already wasted far more energy than this book deserves. The idea of a world where all fiction is banned is interesting, and I'm sure a rebellion against such an oppressive regime would make a fascinating series of stories. This isn't one of them.

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It isn't even a good addition to the Star Trek canon, since it more inconsistent and more poorly executed than even a typical episode of Star Trek: When I read this NG novel I expected another run of the mill story with the politically correct message. I was very surprised and wrong about my assesment by the back cover. In this one any creativity or wrong thinking is fatal. A lost starship crashes on this planet only for it's captain to survive.

Geek Book Club 010 - 'Vendetta: Star Trek The Next Generation' by Peter David

His mind was wiped of any reference to Starfleet and his former life. While I know the major characters would not meet their demise Especially when Geordi and Wes had to figure out how they worked. It would have played well as a television episode. A lot of the novels are very often superior to the TV scripts and this was one of them. Once the series had ended, at least for the time being , and I'd purchased all the DVD's and seen every episode at least 3 times, I even liked the Enterprise series , I finally started reading the books.

This is by far the worst I've read so far.