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Hierarchical class list Common classes Doom classes Heretic classes Hexen classes Strife classes Chex Quest classes Standard editor numbers for classes that can be placed in a map editor. Items that can be used after having been picked up.

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Ammunition for the various weapons. Decoration that can be destroyed. Visible or invisible objects that can be walked upon. Sundry clutter and obstacles. Things that emit light.

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Projectiles and puffs from traps, monsters and weapons. Objects that can be interacted with, not just destroyed. Meat chunks, blood and guts, created during game. Corpses and fleshy bits used as decoration. Traps and other dangerous objects. Classes used by the engine to do various stuff. While no longer prone to attempts to kill the summoning warlock, the Doomguard retains his soundbites from his earlier incarnation, and will occasionally make remarks regarding his plans for the warlock's demise as soon as he can break free of their control. Battlecry , Charge , Discard Tags: Retrieved from " https: Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion.

Bane of Doom

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Battlecry , Charge , Discard. A Doomguard in World of Warcraft. SuperShotgunGuy- Now when you thought you were bad-ass with the SSg, this guy will do the same, please refer to a rocket or rapid fire I've tried summoning those monsters before, and it is really amusing to use the "summonfriend" command, as is one of the stronger forms of the monsters black cacodemon, dark red demon Wizards are disciples, the sorcerer is the boss.

You can also summon invisible enemies from hexen while playing doom.

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Watch and laugh while the cyber gets his rockets turned right back at him by an invisible heresiarch, which by the way is visible on automap if you want to see how it moves. For instance Night of the Homeless in Hexen or Heretic works fine, the main thing is just that the colour is all out: Try it with Ghoul's Forest.

SummonFriend Sjas and you will rape anything that comes near you.

A friend made this http: You can also summon monsters on the Delta Invasion wad, such as greater Baron, Cyberbot and Watermelon A green and blue caco. It is just a scream to drop a few friendly archies into a map and watch them do their stuff.

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The monsters that they restore are also friends. They hunt in packs, it is just plain funny to watch them in a map with a lot of monsters like, say, hr. Speaking of archies Did you know that if you have a monster let's say a cacodemon fight a archie, The archie will kill it and bring it back to life only to kill it again?

Good way to get ammo if the monster is human.

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No, the resurrected monster will be on the side of the Arch-Vile. This also means that if you summonfriend an Arch-Vile, he will create an army of monsters for you: Terra-jin, I think this means in vanilla, if you keep inciting friendly fire over and over again. Which I have actually done in Maximum Doom maps with infinitesimal amounts of ammo. I would change "good" to say "very risky", however: Does this only work for gzdoom?

I have the new zdoom 2. GZDoom is basically zdoom with opengl rendering and support for 3d models, so no, summoning's not a gzdoom-only feature. Yeah I just found out how to do that pretty damn cool! And that sorcerer1 thing kills monsters like crazy!