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By the way, the wedding ring was retrieved several hours later. Don't worry it was cleaned and sanitized thoroughly before she put it back on her finger. I was mad for like a second, then I tried like hell to put the lenses back together like a jigsaw puzzle. I just wanted to make sure he didn't swallow any sharp pieces. Funny day, went from mad to panicked to very relieved in a 5 minute span!

We didn't know she had done so until we had to help pull it out and noticed the pink tag yuck! Then, both Harley and Oliver consumed an entire one-pound bag of skittles and yes, they pooped the rainbow for a week!

Why is chocolate bad for dogs and what to do if your dog eats chocolate?

They have also pulled thawing meat off the counter top and ate that too. John, Sun Valley, California. Thankfully the vet said he was OK. The check was able to be reissued. That was more than it cost to adopt her!


What is the craziest thing that your dog has ever eaten? Did you have to take him to the vet? Share your story in the comments section below!

My Dog Ate Chocolate, What Do I Do?

Any combination of these symptoms should mean an immediate trip to the vet! Based on the physical exam and X-rays, the vet can determine if your pup can pass the item the old fashioned way, or if medical intervention is needed.

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If the object is metal or sharp, vets will sometimes prescribe a high fiber diet to bulk up the stool and coat the item as it passes through the digestive tract. The size, density, and material of the object your dog has eaten will also factor into the treatment plan. Feminine products like tampons can be quite dangerous because the material expands from the moisture of the digestive tract.

Other materials like hair, carpeting, and clothing can build up in the intestines over time if your dog is a repeat offender. Want more poop like this? Sign up for our BarkPost newsletter!

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Theobromine doses in the region of milligrams per kilogram of bodyweight are toxic to dogs, so if you have a Labrador weighing 30kg, as little as mg of theobromine could be fatal. However, for West Highland Terriers weighing just 10kg these amounts should be reduced by two-thirds. Chocolate poisoning mainly affects the heart, central nervous system and kidneys. Dog ate chocolate symptoms usually occur between four and 24 hours after your dog has eaten chocolate.

The effect and signs of chocolate poisoning in dogs depends on the amount eaten and the size of the breed. Eating g may result in seizures.

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It can be hard to tell exactly how much chocolate your dog has eaten and the amount of caffeine and theobromine will vary due to growing conditions, cocoa bean sources and variety. Our advice is not to give any to your dog, but if they have managed to eat some you need to know how heavy your dog is click here to find out.

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You should then try to work out whether they have swallowed a toxic dose. Our chocolate calculator should help you.

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Chocolate contains a number of ingredients that are bad for dogs, including fat, sugar and caffeine. But the most toxic ingredient is theobromine, which is a bitter alkaloid of the cacao plant. Owners whose dogs have eaten 3. According to the Veterinary Poisons Information Service, out of 1, chocolate toxicity cases it recorded on its database, only five dogs died.

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Concerns have been raised, however, that many chocolate toxicity cases go unreported. Dry cocoa powder contains up to 26mg of theobromine per gram so is highly toxic to dogs. If you have a dog weighing 10kg, as little as a few grams of cocoa powder could potentially result in your dog suffering seizures. Popular versions of drinking chocolate tend to have similar, or lower, levels of theobromine to milk chocolate.

That means a 10kg dog would need to ingest up to g of drinking chocolate to suffer toxic effects. While some do not show any clinical signs after eating chocolate, others develop severe signs such as seizures and irregular heart rhythms. The toxic chemical in chocolate, theobromine, has been used in human medicine as a heart stimulant and a muscle relaxant. On top of that it dilates blood vessels and can lead to potentially lethal over-stimulation of the heart. The most typical symptoms are sickness and diarrhoea, which may contain blood, as well as restlessness and hyperactivity, rapid breathing, muscle tension, incoordination, increased heart rate and seizures.

If you discover your dog ate chocolate try to work out what type it was, how much they ate and when they ate it. Our chocolate toxicity calculator can help with this. If your dog has eaten a potentially toxic amount you should call your vet or, out of hours, your nearest Vets Now. Of all the forms of chocolate, white contains the lowest amount of toxic theobromine. But bear in mind white chocolate is high in fat, buttermilk and sugar so may cause a stomach upset. A good quality g bar of dark chocolate can contain as much as mg of theobromine.