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Toocheck's writing style has also greatly improved. If you enjoyed reading "The Thirst Inside," you will love reading this enchanting book. Valentine rated it it was amazing Jun 28, Nicci Hartland marked it as to-read Apr 13, Sidney marked it as to-read Sep 20, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Books by Thea Toocheck. Trivia About Night Crawlers T No trivia or quizzes yet. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I'm filing Zero on my taxes this year just because I know so much about him.

That's one thing about this series. You do know the characters.

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You do get attached to them. It feels like you are right in the mist of the drama with them. That part I love. I just hate that it takes so much filler to get you there. I shouldn't bitch though, because if I ever get stuck on a desert island this whole series would definitely keep me entertained. Cronin also wrapped up loose ends, which I greatly appreciate. I'm glad that I read them. Ed Lorn, this is for you! Netgalley in exchange for review I'm picking Kathleen's review to put here for this one. Kathleen's review is actually about the book instead of a ramble-fest like mine.

Her reviews are so good and she clues me in to books I've never considered. View all 57 comments. I can see light at the end of the tunnel!!! Bless you for your patience and "I think it will be worth the wait," said Justin modestly. That's much better than December. This is a little bit old new but just in case you don't know.

From the author's facebook page. That's not correct; it will be sooner than that. All the Amazon date means is that the book will be published sometime in that year. I'll be back with more specific information when I have it. Why does this say December ?!?!!?!? From The Passage FB page: People of the Passage: After a long hiatus from FB, I'm back.

I love y'all still and apologize for the silence, which was simply necessary to get the work done. Volume 3 is circling the airfield, waiting for permission to land. I don't know when it will be out; there's a long process between the end of a manuscript and publication, and it's a very lengthy book. I thank you all for your patience and will do my best in the coming days and weeks to get to your many messages. What the ever loving fuck?!?! When did this move to ? View all 45 comments.

But in my defense, the combined page count of said books is a staggering 1, plus pages! Humanity is starting to believe that the horrible terror may finally be over. As the population increases, they begin to let their guard down and branch out from the safety and security of the city walls and lights to establish new colonies and trade routes. The Human Race is once again atop the food chain, and everything is slowing returning to a state of normalcy.

So she forges a weapon and prepares for battle. Although everyone believes Amy to have died with The Twelve, Lucius has been in secret contact with her all along. He gets to work on a solution. I was starting to feel a bit peckish, however, this steak has. Which means we get to read through a massive wedge of a backstory that runs the gamut from adolescences, to the end of high school, to his college years, and friendships, and parties, and romances, and lost loves, and funerals, and graduation, and grad school, and research, and professorship, and on and on it goes, through becoming patient zero, and his ultimate escape, and manipulation of The Twelve, and how it all comes full circle, and yada, yada, yada.

While I was initially interested in some of that backstory, it ultimately became overwhelming. Even the most unforgivable of sins is rationalized away. Just get to the action already. Nearly every scene with Amy and Carter or Amy and Peter occurred in this otherworldly dream landscape. I know this was done in the other books, but here, once again, it just felt overused.


Even the dude that tried to off the entire planet, seriously? That my friend is too much to stomach! Oh God, here comes the meat tornado! But they never approve me for anything? I think my day just took a Jack Black turn: View all 46 comments. Nov 13, mark monday rated it really liked it Shelves: I think this is the first time I've really wanted a. Cronin's concluding volume in his post-apocalyptic vampire saga is a lovely novel. Such an odd word to use for a book describing the slaughter of hundreds of thousands and the death of billions more by airborne plague. But this is indeed an often lovely book because Cronin is at this point almost completely disinterested in horror.

Or terror, or the darkness in human souls, or the abyss that we look into that looks right 4. Or terror, or the darkness in human souls, or the abyss that we look into that looks right back 'atcha. He wants to write about families and the light within souls and the way that people can come together when things fall apart. He wants to write about a bright and shining future that is still a human future - and therefore fallible, uncertain. He wants to understand and humanize and empathize with darkness so that it is no longer so dark, but rather something relatable and knowable.

He wants to write about hope. And so he did. The prior books each included a lengthy, more than novella-sized portion set before the Fall of Man. Each of those prior parts were full of action, blood, and danger. Not so much with the sequence set pre-Fall in this book; this flashback is all about the life of a smart, often disaffected young man with a distant father, going away to college, learning to love, learning the pain of a lost love, and all the while trying to forge his own unique identity.

It could have been written by John Updike. This part is all about the man who became Zero - the ultimate villain of the series. And yet it is not about a villain, it is just about a man, and the choices and mistakes he makes in his life. A man who later becomes an undead killer and who purposely brings about the apocalypse in order to somehow fill the gaping hole where his heart used to be. A monstrous horror, but still a man. Cronin fumbles a bit in his portrait of series protagonist Peter Jaxon, and a bit with the series' heart Sarah.

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I doubt he wanted to turn either of them into mulishly stubborn assholes who refuse to empathize with their childhood friend's trauma, how their friend sacrificed who she was for the greater good, how she was exploited and abused physically, mentally, emotionally I really came to dislike the often selfish, stupid person Peter became and was disappointed in Sarah too. Did Cronin want me to dislike them? I just don't think so. Humans often fail when it comes to empathy and they amply illustrated that failing.

The book has one genuine horror set piece: When Cronin wants to bring the terror, he can bring it. That was a hair-raising handful of chapters. Also worth noting is the lengthy epilogue. Despite being set a thousand years from now, it is basically the story of an older man trying to understand himself, trying to understand his son, perhaps falling in love again, and trying to figure out who he is anyway, after all his years of living.

A moving story but perhaps not a unique one. What a surprising epilogue! It has nothing to do with horror and everything to do with being human. The poetic flourishes that were a key part of the first book but were somewhat lacking or hackneyed in the second book return in full force for the third book. Cronin is a beautifully lyrical writer, whether he is writing about the love between mother and daughter or the way a homestead looks and feels or the sadness buried within his undead monsters.

The City of Mirrors is beautifully written, with many passages worthy of a happy sigh simply because of the gorgeous artistry of the prose. Beyond the beauty of the writing is the innate soulfulness of this novel - of the entire trilogy. This may not be my favorite that would be the 5 star The Passage , but it is still a very impressive achievement. And the impressiveness lies within the novel's delicacy and the way his characters resonated with me, in their longing for community and family and a way of living that feels true and natural and good.

It's funny, I was thinking about this novel over the Thanksgiving weekend, which is an odd time to think about a post-apocalyptic vampire novel. I'm a singleton and hopefully always will be but during this holiday, I like to get together with a few families and rent a big place to enjoy each other's company and watch the kids run amok and eat lots of food together.

This past Thanksgiving was no different. One night after everyone had retired, I sat on a balcony in a contemplative mood, looking out at the treetops moving in the wind and the stars gleaming above them, the sound of the hot tub bubbling away in the background, a soft chilly wind blowing leaves around the various kid toys and clothes and shoes strewn here and there. I thought of the beasts of this trilogy, dropping from the trees to hunt, their souls still trapped within and longing for relief and release.

I thought about how Cronin somehow humanized them, made them symbolic of how all humans have a melancholy longing for understanding and connection, sometimes buried deep within, but always there. I thought of his brave, imperfect human characters, always wanting to be together, always hoping and loving and longing, making bad decisions and making good ones, but mainly acting from a need for connection and from a need to make a life with others, and for others. Cronin sees the best in people, even at their worst.

I thought that was an excellent way to look at people: Look at people, see them; draw them into your life, go into theirs; be together. It was a good Thanksgiving thought. View all 12 comments. Give the guy a break, he's writing a huge book no doubt, and I'd rather he got it right than finished it early. View all 6 comments. May 02, Grigory Lukin rated it it was ok. I'll start with a warning: In the very first chapters of the book, we encounter in no particular order a stillbirth, a series of rape-related flashbacks, a ma Justin Cronin's "The Passage" trilogy reminds me of DC's comic book movies: In the very first chapters of the book, we encounter in no particular order a stillbirth, a series of rape-related flashbacks, a man telepathically cheating on his girlfriend, a sexually abused little girl, and a religious hermit who goes to wander in the desert and then either gets extremely lucky by finding a bona fide treasure or loots an emergency supply station while presumably leaving the next stranded traveler to die.

I honestly can't tell why Cronin chose to assault his readers like this. It's possible that he tried to shove as much potential shock value as possible to make the book more memorable though not in a good way - at one point in the book, there's a fairly detailed description of live birth. Not quite what one expects in what's supposed to be a vampire book. On the other hand, it's possible he was just trying to pad the page count. In the middle of the book, there's a page novel in which Zero, the original viral, corners one of our plucky heroes and shares his origin story in a very unexpected, out-of-context way.

Is it possible that Cronin always wanted to write a "coming of age" story and decided to force-feed it to his readers? Or was it just something gathering dust in his desk drawer that seemed good enough to turn a page book into a heavy pager? Regardless, the notion of a year-old vampire moaning about his lost college girlfriend is ridiculous, especially considering that his audience consists of a single person who grew up with only the most basic education and who wouldn't be able to grasp even the most basic concepts - things like tenure or airplanes or upper-class socioeconomic class.

The story would have been much more realistic and fun if Zero would have to stop every 5 minutes and explain what things meant, but nope, we're all subjected to a ridiculously out-of-place stream of consciousness. Can you imagine tracking down a rural bumpkin from the year and telling them about your computer problems? I might have been able to overlook all of the above and give the book a weak 4-star rating, but there are far too many plot holes and, dare I say, poor writing for a book that's been in the works for 4 years.

Just a handful of examples off the top of my head A year-old horse can run as fast as a group of virals. A character goes for a long swim and produces a perfectly dry book of matches from their pocket. A deaf person devises their own sign language - so advanced that even "War and peace" can be translated into it. Automatic rifles last just fine for years before suddenly starting to break down due to advanced age. Two people that discover potentially world-ending piece of news choose not to tell everyone but instead launch a sociopathic murderous cult that involves dozens of people over the course of 21 years, none of whom say a word to anybody.

Every spy agency's dream! A person that's never been on a boat learns how to operate a cruise ship in less than a month. People of the future can't tell the difference between and 1, years. After restarting civilization, years later the pinnacle of their technological achievement is dirigibles and flashbulb cameras. Must have been all the inbreeding. Virals discover brand new powers that can't be explained by any virus and turn into shapeshifters. Half the characters in the book develop superpowers - either telepathic abilities that are ever so convenient, or the ability to run for 30 minutes while bleeding from an artery without any lasting damage.

If I sound just a little bit upset, it's because I've spent 2 weeks of my life struggling to finish this book, waiting for a payoff at the end, but it never came. I downgrade the book to 2 stars for the most ridiculously stretched-out ending I have ever had the displeasure to read. It's yet another novella about people we don't know, doing things we don't care about, who end up lecturing us about the things we already know and, in the end, do something so extremely stupid but pretty and sentimental - yay!

On the upside, the language of the book is occasionally moving and often beautiful. That is, of course, when it's not talking about child rape, stillbirths, murderous cults, shapeshifting vampires, shapeshifting humans, shapeshifting vampires that become humans or shapeshifting humans that become vampires but then change their minds and switch back to being humans.

I give this book 2 out of 5 stars.

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I've received the advanced reader copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. View all 15 comments. Feb 28, Brenda - Traveling Sister rated it it was amazing. I loved every moment of tension in this compelling and terrifying plot. What made this such a great trilogy for me was how Cronin was able to draw me into the story with such a large cast of characters, and had me emotionally engaged, caring for them and rooting for their survival.

In The City of Mirrors we see how our characters and the next generation of characters have dealt and found their place after the events of The Twelve. It started off a bit slow for me, and we see our characters have found some peace before all hell breaks loose and the virals are back. That's when it got exciting and really good for me.

From then on I was on the edge of my seat till the roaring, grisly, big event with a big payoff. I would recommend reading all three books close together to really bond and see how these well developed characters grow and change in their fight to survive in such a terrifying world.

All of Norma's and my reviews can be found on our sister blog. Jun 22, Kaora rated it liked it Shelves: Nine are yours but one is mine, as you are mine. Into the tenth shall be planted the seed so that we will be Many, millions-fold.

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The Twelve have been destroyed and humanity is tentatively setting out from behind their walls to build their lives anew. But one still remains, Zero, the first one infected, from whom the Twelve came and he is biding his time until people least expect it so he can unleash his fury on the world and bring an end to the one called Amy once and for all. I had Nine and one. I had been made for a purpose.

I was not the author of destruction: I was its instrument, forged in heaven's workshop by a god of horrors. I don't think I've flip flopped between three and four stars for a rating this much before. I wanted so badly to love this book, but had a few issues with how Cronin dealt with some of his characters. Like what Michael became, and his dealings with the shadier side of the community. It seemed a bit out of character for him. The other major issues I had were to the ending of the book. The issues I had with the ending of his characters' stories are spoilers.

She prevented him from drinking it previously in book 1 to prevent him from becoming what Alicia was because "It would have made him like her Amy ". I understand they weren't together at that time, but why is it okay now? The fact that Peter remembered nothing day-to-day made his continued existence so much sadder and I felt it was a bit selfish of Amy to do that. The second is regarding Alicia's suicide to "be with her daughter". It was a disappointing end to a character I liked, and had been given the opportunity to live life again as a normal person. Or perhaps it did but my inability to connect with Zero ruined them for me.

While Zero's story was sad, I couldn't quite bring myself to feel sorry for him as Cronin was trying so hard to do. It would have made later scenes more powerful if I had been able to. I also couldn't quite believe that it made him into the monster he became either. And for those reasons I must give this final installment 3 stars, but it is still a worthwhile read so far if you aren't daunted by the sheer number of pages in this series. Apr 06, Mlpmom Book Reviewer rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review is probably the hardest one I've ever written. Ever had to contemplate, compose, and try to convey just how great the story was and not just this book, this book of genius, but the whole trilogy as a whole.

Cronin is truly talented. I know I've said it before but the man is brilliant, hand downs a master at his craft. Words, my words, my simple non masterful words, can not do this series, this book justice. Honestly, I don't even know where to begin. So much was woven together, caref This review is probably the hardest one I've ever written.

So much was woven together, carefully plotted, planned, and executed and it showed in every single sentence, paragraph, and page. This book was like a magical journey to another time and place that you get so immersed in, so caught up in that you lose time while in it. The real world around you disappears and there is nothing but the world that he has created for you and thrown you into. It isn't like other books in its genre. It's unique, creative, imaginative, and well designed and I couldn't of been happier with the way it all came together and came about.

The way information, facts, and details slowly all came together, made sense, and most of all, was brilliantly laid out. It was both bittersweet and satisfying to have this trilogy end and one I soon won't be forgetting or recover from. View all 4 comments. Jun 13, Phrynne rated it it was amazing. A brilliant ending to a thoroughly enjoyable trilogy. All of the loose ends were tied up, every character's story was concluded some not as happily as others and this reader was left with a feeling of total satisfaction. I was completely engaged throughout by the constant bouncing between timelines and between points of view within these timelines.

The author handled it so well and there was no chance of letting my mind wander as I read. One second of concentration lost and I had to go back and A brilliant ending to a thoroughly enjoyable trilogy. One second of concentration lost and I had to go back and read a paragraph again. Maybe I would have liked better endings for some of my favourite characters but given the situation that would have been impossible. I was very happy with the epilogue and the explanations it contained. I cannot really say more without spoilers so if you have not read the series yet then do!

I know it has vampires in it but I promise these vampires are very different and the story is about so much more. View all 8 comments. Apr 16, Debra rated it really liked it Shelves: Received from Netgalley and the publishers in exchange for an honest review. She was one of Twelve and also the other, the one above and behind, the Zero. I got the biggest kick at certain scenes as Beh assimilates to her new environment and mate. I can see how some may not get into this story.

Through and through this was an unforgettable tale of luffs! View all 68 comments. Loved how unique and utterly different it was. Aug 21, Jul 20, Amy Harmon rated it it was amazing. I really liked this book. Very different, very fresh. I tore through it and was very impressed by the sweetness and the originality of the story. View all 3 comments. If I could give this more than 5 stars I would. This was such a beautiful story. Ehd was such a "pure" character in the sense that he lived honestly and simply, according to his instincts and emotions. He never had ulterior motives.

He just wanted Beh to be his mate and to provide for her and make a family with her. Just the fact that Shay Savage was able to conceive and write this amazing story - a story in which there are only really two characters and virtually NO dialogue - is a testament to w If I could give this more than 5 stars I would.

Just the fact that Shay Savage was able to conceive and write this amazing story - a story in which there are only really two characters and virtually NO dialogue - is a testament to what a great author she is. I loved how she was able to make us really feel how frustrated Ehd would become at not understanding what Beh wanted or why she was mad at him. Also, the way in which Savage was able to convey what Beh was saying to the reader without actually using words, merely Ehd's observations and inferences - and not actual dialogue - really made the story and the setting authentic.

And the ending, oh the ending. This book is definitely on my all time favorite list. I think I'm gonna go read it again View all 26 comments. Apr 08, Nataliya rated it it was ok Shelves: Sometimes I read books just for the sheer hilarity.

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Or awesome riveting dialogue. Like the one heavily featured in this book: A young woman from our present is somehow transported into the prehistoric times and comes across an idealized version of a prehistoric man who is dead-set on sexxxing her up, after a thoughtful courtship, of course. Let me note that she se Sometimes I read books just for the sheer hilarity.

Let me note that she seems more attracted to him after she forces him to brush his prehistoric messy hair and take a prehistoric bath. He, on the other hand, is fascinated by her lacy pink bra and panties, which - unless I'm completely misunderstanding something here - she has not changed for a few months the absence of lingerie stores in prehistoric times is a bummer. Ehd, the prehistoric dude, is unable to comprehend speech or learn to speak some Broca's area nonsense here , and therefore communicates in grunts so basically like a stoned frat boy on a Thursday night, really. Unable to comprehend the speech of his new lover, he dismisses it as silly noises - but does catch on quickly that certain 'noises' if he stupidly makes them guarantee him sexxxxy prehistoric times, and so those are the only words he bothers to learn.

Otherwise he shortens the young woman's name to 'Beh' and thus the suspenseful dialogue ensues: A vapid heroine with a dishrag personality who is somehow the center of the hero's world. An uber-possessive overly-protective hero with messy copper-colored hair and a flair for codependent relationships. I've read it before, somewhere. I swear, this is so familiar This was 'Twilight' fanfic? Well, that explains a lot. The lack of communication. The lack of plot. It still does not explain the supposed attractiveness of unwashed sex in a cave with a guy who dismisses any attempts at verbal communications as meaningless noise.

Unless, of course, this 'noise' results in sex. View all 18 comments. Jan 26, Claire Robinson rated it it was amazing Shelves: I want to give this book more than 5 stars, it's just that good. I will provide for her. Transcendence is quite simply perfection, and right now, I want to rewind my life back to when I began reading it, when my expectations were at a manageable level, and my interest was mainly piqued because of an unusual synopsis, with it being very different to the books I have generally r ITS LIVE Transcendence is quite simply perfection, and right now, I want to rewind my life back to when I began reading it, when my expectations were at a manageable level, and my interest was mainly piqued because of an unusual synopsis, with it being very different to the books I have generally read of late.

Now that I have finished it, I can without a doubt say it has ruined me. I know it is unlikely that I will have to opportunity to read something as well crafted, beautifully executed and un-put-down-able for a long time to come. As you would expect from a caveman there is virtually no vocalization or conversation between him and Elizabeth Beh and although I would love to tell you the words that they do use to communicate with each other I am not going too, because they would give far too much away, but just thinking about it makes me smile!

She is enough to warm me — inside and out. There are so many parts of this book that I want to comment on, but seeing as I am someone who only offers spoiler-free reviews it is difficult to put anything down, without giving too much away. She is everything to me, and I have to be a good mate to her. Who knew how easy it would be too fall in love with a caveman My only disappointment is that I cannot comprehensively write a review that does the book the true justice it deserves, or emphasizes just how stunningly beautiful, and wholly unforgettable that it is.

I will never, ever hurt my Beh. ARC provided by the author, and I cannot express my gratitude for the opportunity to read and review what will now be without doubt one of my all-time favourite books. View all 62 comments. Jan 10, Lucia rated it really liked it Shelves: Shay Savage is master of writing untraditional, unconventional and unforgettable stories. And Transcedence definitely proves it. What happens when lonely caveman Ehd finds strange girl near his cave? He takes her as his mate. But how will he make her like him when they cannot communicate?

And so starts this original and exciting journey of two souls that might or might not be destined for each other Transcendence is one of the most unique and interesting books I have ever read. It was extremely fascinating experience to read about real caveman, his thinking, his way of living. And the most surprising thing of all? The fact that Ehd was sweet, caring and very sensitive person. Yes, Ehd was manly man and made me laugh quite often with the way he was seeing things. I am used to jerk-like arrogant heroes in Mrs. But Ehd was nothing like that. Yet, he really grew on me quickly and made an excellent narrator for this story.

But most importantly, Transcendence is an epic love story. Sounds unbeliavable when it comes to pre-historic times? This fictional story proves that true love can overcome all differences. It was emotional and all kinds of beautiful. Taking into consideration that we are talking about pre-historic times in this book, there is visible lack of real dialogues, conversations or direct speech. But believe me, it does not reduce the captivity of this novel. On contrary, it makes it even more special and unique!

View all 44 comments. Feb 02, I'm glad to hear that. Sep 11, Jen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Stars My life with Beh was beautiful, transcending everything that set us apart from each other and bringing us together with our family and tribe. What a truly beautiful and unique love story!

I knew at some point I'd get around to reading this simply because the premise was too different for me to ignore, but the idea of the story narrated solely from the POV of a prehistoric dude had me doubting how much I'd enjoy it. Well, that's not entirely true but it's close. Imagine my surprise when I was sucked into this book from the first few pages. I didn't expect to relate to Ehd, but as the story rolled on it became evident that his needs weren't a whole lot different than that of Beh, his eventual mate and love. And I have to say picturing Ehd and Beh both becoming frustrated with the other and the communication difficulties brought a smile to my face more than once.

The fact that Ehd had to learn to endure Beh's chatty ways added to the overall delightfulness of this book. Yep, I said delightful. My husband had to learn to endure the same damn thing! When I put my penis inside of her, it feels too good to slow down. If I make sure she feels good first, then she might let me sleep afterwards.

Some things are universal regardless of time and space. I went back and forth between a 4 and 5 star rating but when it comes right down to it, I have to give some major props to Shay Savage for creating a truly unique love story. In a world of romance books filled with misunderstandings, jealous exes and non committal jackasses, Transcendence and its creativity stands alone. Jan 24, Patrycja rated it it was ok Shelves: Standalone for now Author: Shay Savage Release Date: February 14th , Rating: After reading so many delicious novels with alpha males aka modern cavemen, not diggin Title: After reading so many delicious novels with alpha males aka modern cavemen, not digging into a book with a real one was for me almost a crime.

Not only did I was thrilled to find out exactly how this crazy story would go but I wanted and expected real alpha that would make my panties wet, my ovaries insane and just change into blubbery mess. Honestly, I thought this story will go in completely different direction! I thought our caveman will be homo sapiens not complete primitive.

In my mind, I saw this story as a spellbinding romance between modern woman and a man that lived in the wilderness, like Tarzan perhaps? Still caveman but intelligent, up — to — date human. For most of the time I was bored. Reading the official blurb is as detailed as you could get. Mostly, Edh wanted to make his mate happy — give her water, food, nice cave to live in and baby. In his mind everything was about making babies.

He was as simple as a man can get. I was turned off by this lack of conversations or at least some understanding between main characters. The only words he could use was his and Elizabeth name-sound Edh and Beh , no, kiss and love. Savage done a great job in psychological field of the story, though — I will admit that.

I want to congratulate her for being so wonderful and detailed in telling a story from perspective of primitive man. Everything what made Edh a prehistoric human was perfectly thorough and comprehensive. Basic needs as food, water, shelter, safety and an heir were everything for him. In nutshell, I was pretty disappointed. Instead it was very slow-paced, meek and plain. View all 30 comments. I would love it if it had dialogue and Beh's POV. Kimberly I just finished this and I'm in complete agreement. The thought was great but reading it was not my cup of tea at all. To me this needed Beh's pov as I just finished this and I'm in complete agreement.

To me this needed Beh's pov as well then it could've been great. Oct 14, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Shelves: The re-read only made me fall more in love with Ehd. This love story is timeless and unforgettable! I want to make sure nothing can separate us. I want to be positive we will remain together forever. Transcendence is possibly one of the most tender well written books of all time. Ehd is all alone. His tribe has been killed and he has been surviving. He isn't really living. He longs for a companion.

He longs to have a family. He wants to have a tribe. As he is out on a hunt, he stumbles across a horrible sound Beh is scared and alone. Ehd scoops her up and brings her back to his pad aka cave! I briefly wonder if she is fertile and if she would bear a child who looks like me. I like this idea. Finally, after all this time alone, I have a mate. He doesn't understand her. Still he does everything he can to provide for her and show her he is worthy of her. The form a friendship. Ehd still has it in his mind to mate with Beh as soon as possible.

Beh is more hesitant. A great deal of time passes when finally Beh and Ehd kiss. It is so sweet and sexy all at the same time! The game that annoyed me in the beginning is now my favorite thing to do. He cannot understand her need to be clean, constant noise making, and her inability to do simple tasks that every woman should know how to do. This element of uncertainty continues to add humor and simplicity to the story. You just want to know what is going to happen next between these two!

At first, I was thrilled. Now , I am completely worn out. The text is full of rich description. The emotions are deep.

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Ehd and Beh have to survive some very dangerous elements. They face great loss and great joy. The most thrilling about this read is that you want to know where Beh came from. Will they be able to stay together? Will Beh find her way home and leave Ehd? I felt such a wave of emotions throughout this read. I was laughing, crying, and even blushing at times.

Such a tender read with so much heart! This is a book that I will never forget! If you haven't read this book, drop everything and read it now! I know I will be rereading this one again soon! I would never be able to survive without Beh with me. View all 37 comments. Feb 29, Alp rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book was so beautiful. Despite my high expectations, I never expected Transcendence to literally blow my mind like this. It was such a wonderful story, so much so that it kept me glued to the pages until the end.

This is exactly what happened to me while I was reading this book— OH. This is exactly what happened to me while I was reading this book—I felt so alive, happy, but sad at times. The story itself was so sweet, emotional, and hilarious all at once. Reading this book was like taking a journey through both good and bad times with Ehd and Beh, which I loved every minute I spent with them. I want her to be close to me as I work or fish, and I want her to lie next to me in the furs at night.

In my mind, she is with me always and forever.

Night Crawlers (The Transcendence Series, #2) by Thea Toocheck

As long as she lets me hold her close to my chest, protect her, and keep her warm, everything will be all right. With her, I feel complete and content. I think of the first day I saw her, sitting at the bottom of my hunting pit. I remember how obstinate she was at first, though when I think back on it now, I realize she was only confused and frightened. I remember when she first untangled my hair for me and the little wooden carving I had made to help with the task.

I remember the first time I was inside of Beh, touching the soft skin of her back as waves of pleasure moved over me. I remember when I placed my hand on her belly and felt Lah kick. I remember it all. But time still moves, and there is nothing I can do to stop it. Broke my heart into tiny pieces! I not only enjoyed reading it but also loved every page I turned and every line I read. This is definitely one of my most memorable reading experiences, one of the best books of all time!

View all 73 comments. Re-read November 27th and loved it all over again! Transcendence was amazing and I kept thinking about it for days after finishing. Ehd is a caveman alone and barely getting by. Beh wears strange coverings, and babbles on and on. He knows immediately that Beh must be his mate, and he sets out to convince her. Being a caveman, his goals and drive is very primal: But Ehd has profound emotions and a desire for love and acceptance that comes through loud and clear through his narrative.

The City of Mirrors

Ehd is so very grateful to have found Beh, and he puts her happiness and welfare far above his own. I want her—only her. There is nothing more important than Beh, and if making her happy means my own sorrow, I will have to accept that. This story was fascinating! I will say this is one of my favorite reads so far of It doesn't seem similar in any way to me. Nov 28, Ana Yup, I'm pretty sure it was inspired by Edward and Bella. Dec 14, KAS rated it it was amazing Shelves: I do not want to ruin the experience, except to tell you to expect the unexpected!

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  • Transcendence (Transcendence, #1) by Shay Savage.
  • Months ago, I remember seeing the title of this book and the 5 star ratings pop up on the Goodreads feed, but I never read the reviews. I decided at some point I would read it based on the ratings and because the cover totally intrigued me. Since I was "going in blind" and unfamiliar with this author, I concocted scenarios in my mind of what I was about to read. My scenarios couldn't have been more off the mark, and thank goodness for that. While reading, my emotions and anxiety levels were all over the place. I am so glad I did not read the blurb or reviews beforehand.

    I just dove in and let the pages speak for themselves! To me this was a slow burn, angst filled romance, which I could not get enough of. My friend, Carol [Goodreads Addict], said it best when she commented on my status update, "This book slayed me. This book is still one of my favorites after 2 years of first reading it. This is such a beautiful story. So romantic and unique. He is so sweet, hardworking and loyal. Beh is also great. I can't imagine going back in time to such a place, but she was very strong.

    She sacrificed a lot for love. If you haven't read this book I encourage you to do so. I promise you'll fall in love with Ehd and his beautiful heart. Original review I read this book in , bu Re-read. Original review I read this book in , but I didn't have a GR account back then. I love this book! The plot is so original. I should do a re-read soon! View all 9 comments. You think you 've met the ultimate alpha male? You think you know what goes on inside his head? You think you have trouble communicating with you man? Ehd is a real, living and breathing caveman that the mate he was always expecting falls literally in his lap, or his pit but you catch my drift.

    She is not at all what he had in mind. She makes a l 4 Caveman Style Stars Ehd luffs Beh When a man without a tribe find his mate at the bottom of his hunting pit, the real love adventure begins She makes a lot of sounds that make his head ache, she likes everything clean, she cries and the worst of all? Will she let him put a baby inside her and make everything right in his world?

    Entirely in Ehd's POV we witness the struggles, love and survival story of a prehistoric man and a modern woman. Ehd's inner monologue is endearing and touching as the unsuspecting and clueless man has to deal with his urges, his headstrong woman, provide and protect the one he claimed. Unusual, unconventional and despite the lack of dialogues, emotional, this is a beautiful love story and I have to congratulate Shay Savage , for managing to pull it off. It is something different than the usual romances, endearing, sweet and sexy at the same time. It will stay with me, and I will always remember Ehd and his Beh.

    Or Elizabeth if you have a functioning Broca Area View all 23 comments.